about the book

The fresh, new style of writer Daniel J. Rocca combines raw creative honesty with poetic words for an unparalleled experience.

Love’s Crooked Road... is a journey of fun and excitement. It is both happy and sad. It’s humbling and it’s fulfilling. It will inspire you, it will cause you to wonder and it will make your dreams take flight.

Love’s Crooked Road is not just one person’s story; it is your story, your experience, your journey. You will meet yourself as you travel!

words from the author

This collection of poetic writings covers the many directions and diversity of love. Using real life inspirations, the words contained within this compilation stem from the joys, confusion, understanding, pain, triumph, and loss associated with this life-changing emotion.

The world offers many options, and the directions we travel in are determined by the choices we make. If the road seems straight, it is most likely a mirage; detours and distractions are everywhere. At times love is our guide and at other times love is a crutch; it can also be an obstruction.

Love is a learning tool from which we gain much wisdom; at the same time it has the ability to confuse. It can provide a sense of completeness and stability; it can also destroy and cripple a heart. It causes weakness, gives strength, and offers hope.

Although the road is often crooked, it is always full of beautiful discovery and adventure. Love touches us all with its spirit and we are all better because of the interaction. Love is in our memory and our experiences with its power are forever etched in our souls.

—Daniel J. Rocca